All Purpose Cleaner

Luxor All Purpose Cleaner

Great all Purpose Cleaner comes with beautiful Lime scent. All Purpose Cleaner is suitable for easy and efficient cleaning of all cleaning operations. Dirt, grease and grime are easily removed without tedious scrubbing. Simply spray on or wipe onto the surface to be cleaned, rinse and wipe clean


Luxor all purpose cleaner has a low foaming formula that is suitable for all washable surfaces. Luxor all purpose cleaner has a unique scent of lime that leaves a long-lasting fresh scent in your home and office.

Product Details

Brand – Luxor

Product – All Purpose Cleaner

Pack Size – 500ml, 1L & 5L

Packaging – 24*500mL, 4*5L, 12*1L

Custom Packaging

We offer custom packaging for companies with their own labels on the products.