Dish Washing

Luxor Dishwashing Liquid

Luxor dishwash liquid comes with a unique formula for dish wash with green apple and lemon scents. It provides your dishes with unique shine, Eliminates odors, rigid oil stains


Luxor dishwashing liquid is Super Degreasing with advanced formula, natural and safety cleansing ingredients that will leave your dishes sparkling clean while being gentle to your hands. Choosing Luxor Dishwashing liquid is the best choice for maintaining hygiene in your kitchen. It’s proven to be tough at removing all kinds of grease while still being mild on hands. The powerful oxygenated cleaning action lifts the toughest back on grease and stuck on leaving your dishes refreshingly clean and residue-free Our advanced formulas and refreshing fragrance makes the dishwashing experience a memorable one.

Product Details

Brand – Luxor

Product – Dish wash liquid

Pack Size – 500ml, 1L & 5L

Packaging – 24*500mL, 4*5L, 12*1L

Custom Packaging

We offer custom packaging for companies with their own labels on the products.