Luxor Bleach

Luxor Bleach intends to incorporate modern hygiene formula for present household usages. Kills 99.9% of common household germs Gives you the white floor look, removes stains, cleans and disinfect

Usages : Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, around the house and many others


Luxor Bleach has a powerful advance formula that can eliminate bad bacteria. Luxor Bleach brightens your white, sanitizes your bathroom. Keeping it sparkling and clean. It also safeguards your kitchens sink, floor and surfaces against dirt and germs. Keeping all areas hygienically clean that will give you long lasting disinfecting action.

Product Details

Brand – Luxor

Product – Bleach

Pack Size – 1Gal

Packaging – 1Gal

Custom Packaging

We offer custom packaging for companies with their own labels on the products.