Glass & Surface Cleaner

Glass & Surface Cleaner

Luxor glass and surface cleaner kills germs on the surface to keep you free from any infections. It can be an excellent stain remover. It is ideal for effortless cleaning of glasses. It is a powerful cleaner that effectively cuts through grime and grease to leave surfaces spotless and sparkling clean. This cleaner leaves your home smelling fresh. This glass cleaner is formulated with Lavender fragrance to ensure lasting fragrance.


Luxor Glass and surface cleaner are widely used in the market because of its advance formulation that meets the international quality standard. Luxor Glass and Surface cleaner have an outstanding anti glazed property and nontoxic to nature; these ensure cleaning deep-reaching action that does not leave any streaks on the surface.


Product Details

Brand – Luxor

Product – Glass & Surface Cleaner

Pack Size – Available in 650ml & 5L Pack

Packaging – 12*650mL, 4*5L

Custom Packaging

We offer custom packaging for companies with their own labels on the products.